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How To Expedite The Claim Process

   After the insurance adjuster has been to your home:

  1. Go over the insurance estimate with your estimator, making sure all damages are included from your insurance company.

  2. Once your claim has been reviewed, you can start making decisions about colors and styles. You should only have to make (2) decisions in this process the color of materials used on your home and the contractor you want to work with.

  3. Next, it is important that you sign an agreement with your contractor, to start the repair process on your home.

  4. ​Your estimator will start working on your repairs immediately.

  5. Your estimator will take care of all paperwork, required to complete all the repairs outlined in your insurance adjusters estimate. (If the estimate from your insurance company is determined not to be complete for all your repairs, your estimator will meet your insurance companies’ representative and assist you, in recovering all compensation to complete the repairs to your home.)

  6. Once all paperwork is complete with the insurance company, and all selections of materials for your home is done, you will be placed on our installation list and all repairs will be completed, in a timely manner.


Facts About Your Insurance Coverage Hail & Wind Damages

HAIL AND WINDS constitute an insurance loss. This loss is one that your insurance carrier is obligated to cover. This is one of the reasons you pay your premiums month after month and year after year.


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It is your insurance carrier’s fiscal and legal obligation to return your property to the condition it was, prior to damage. This is an expensive undertaking for the insurance industry; however, it is also a common risk for the industry that you have paid for.

There is a time limit, imposed by your insurance company for filing a claim (6 months to 1 year in most cases), so call your insurance agent right away.

The insurance companies have analyzed all damage cost, and allow a fair monetary settlement based on replacement value. This insurance money is designed for you to hire a professional contractor to complete the repairs to your home.

When you are getting “estimates” you are actually searching for your contractor that will offer you the best and warranted products and services.

If a contractor deviates from the insurance adjustment “BEWARE”, this contractor may NOT be a local contractor and/or is using lesser quality products.

Artisan Exteriors works with all insurance companies and honors their estimates. Your OUT-OF-POCKET expense, should NEVER exceed your deductible.

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